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Hallo there fellow Tee-monsters!

I want to introduce myself and my newly founded T-shirt brand.
My name is Ivan and I do Monstars. What Monstars?
Well, come on and see for yourself, What a Monstar can be!

What A Monstar

We, 3 good friends, came together with a romantic vision to create T-shirts, we would love to wear. And as many of you here, we have spent so much time and money to make expensive mistakes, we fought many sleepless nights with our idilistic vision and will to get there. And eventually we did.
Now I can proudly invite you to meet the monstars we have created and many have already set free on the streets.

Please do give us your honest feedback, for you yourselves know how important it is, to hear few wise words and keep it going for the better.

Thank you in advance!
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