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New Member, New Business

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Hello to all! I am new to the forum and new to T-shirt printing as well.
It seems I have problems right from the start though.
It may be a short term business venture, with catastrophic consequences. It remains to be seen how long I will survive.
I am from Hendersonville, TN., I haven't created a web site nor have I printed my first shirt, yet.
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What are the main hurdles/problems you're facing?
The Machine I bought, is the biggest problem. It doesnt work! The service tech, said he doesn't know whats wrong with it.
It is a DTG k 3 raptor. The main power switch turns on the wims and the bed will raise and lower. The LCD panel on the front of the unit will not power up the machine, now.

When I first got it unpacked, it would. However all it did was try to reset the ink counter.
Definitely get with Coldesi/SWF East. I'm sure they'll be able to find a solution for you.
Already in the process, except It isnt looking good. I was told they didnt sell enough Raptors to know much about them.

They also dont have parts in stock. The service tech said he thinks it is a bad control panel, but is not sure.
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