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New Member Introduction

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Hi Everyone!

I have been doing sublimation for almost 10 years now as a hobby. Right now I am using sublimation ink from cobraink, epson 1400, paper from coastal and I recently upgraded from Corel Draw X4 to corel draw 2017. By the way CD 2017 is great! In the beginning I sublimated on rubber, plastic, aluminum, slate, cups and tile. Now I prefer to stick with aluminum. I mostly do full color award plaques. I have learned a lot of lessons with sublimation of course the hard way (who hasn't).

I do things that are within the budget and luckily I am not feeding my kids on what I make or they would of starved by now. I would of never make it if this was my only source of income. I have too many issues with color and printers but I have somehow managed to overcome one way or another.

I think that's it. I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and not pulling your hair out on an issue which with sublimation... there always seem to be one.

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Welcome to the forums :)
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Maria. The gang at Pro World welcomes you. Great to have you with us.
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