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Hello everyone. I am Mindanao, a new member to this forum and also to t-shirt design and creation. I am a digital artist who wants to start placing my artwork on t-shirts (and other garments/items) for sell. I am interested in the regular heat transfer process as well as dye sublimation. I have done as much research on the subject as I can from reading articles, purchasing a step-by-step instructional DVD, attending a trade show and watching tons of YouTube videos. I have learned a lot about the subject, but I have also heard contradicting information on the different processes and so I will be calling upon the forum members' expertise in helping me sort fact from fiction. I have not yet purchased a printer nor heat press, which will be my next steps. I am glad to be here and thank you all for allowing me to join your ranks. I will try not to ask stupid questions. :D


My website is: BKA Mindanao - Fine Art
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