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Greetings T-Shirt People,

I have always wanted to print t-shirts. Mostly, I have always wanted to silk screen shirts. I screened some cool Rush ‘Star Man’ shirts in high school and always wanted to do more. The barrier for me was the price of a flash dryer and screen press. With that said, I have always thought that heat transfers were not as good as true screen printing, and in a way I still do. However, the cost of entry and the current quality of inkjet to t-shirt is pretty good. That, and you can almost get silk screen quality (although not as detailed) with a cutter and heat transfer film. A heat press seemed so much more versatile so, I took the plunge and got a heat press and a pack of JPSS. My wife and I are having a blast print printing our first test shirts. I plan to post all the details later in the forum. Our initial tests have been turning out great and for the most part, it is because of the information posted in this forum.

Thanks everyone for such a great forum and community.


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