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Hello T-shirt Forum Members. Yes I am new, really new. As my kids grow up I am often considered the "creative mom". I heard a lot of "I'm just not creative so can you.....?" I loved it because I have had the need to be creative for as long as I can remember and it gave me an outlet. As My kids got older the projects became more complex and sometimes required skills I didn't have. Thank Goodness for the Internet. There is nothing you can't learn to do anymore if you really want to. In the last 2 years there has been a great need for matching t-shirts for sports, special occasions, theme days at school and so on. So over the last two years I have slowly purchased a simple heat press, heat press materials, home craft versions of a vinyl cutter and a silk screen machine, and a whole lot of hot fix rhinestones. I have made more T-shirts than I can count, making MANY costly mistakes along the way but also making some great professional quality t-shirts too. Up till now I have always made the shirts for all the kids as a "favor" meaning they supplied the t-shirts for their children but It was my time and my materials. I say up till this point making t-shirts for others with out a doubt has cost me money, but I look at it as a period of time that I learned, practiced, tested new techniques, and made mistakes without the pressure of paying clients. Now, I need to make an income and have decided to turn what I have been doing for free into a small, really small, home based business. There are a lot of Sweet sixteens, Bar and Batmitzvahs and other similar parties around here. It is customary to give the kids a "giveaway" at the end of the party. Most commonly it is some form of apparel. Usually a t-shirt, cheer shorts, PJ bottoms, sweat shirts ect..that have a heat pressed or silk screened saying or design on it. Generally related to the child's name or party theme.That is where I would like to start, supplying custon made apparel as party "giveaways". I can also offer custom rhinestone designs as well which I haven't seen offered around here anyway. People have already seen my work, they know what I can do so I think that will help get me started. So I am ready and I am so excited to join the forum because I still have a lot of learning left to do. I hope in time to be able to return the favor as my knowledge base grows........

Here is my first question: I need to become a business. I know I need a name(Very Hard), and a tax ID # (not sure where to get it), and I am guessing a business license but not sure. Do you need a lawyer for any of this? I also know that I need at least this much and hopefully not more to be able to purchase blanks and materials wholesale. If I can't purchase wholesale I can't make a profit. So I am taking baby steps, these will be my first. Is there anyone out there that can help me with the steps necessary to become a simple home based business, and have the qualifications to be able to purchase the necessary supplies wholesale? Thank you all in advance for the help, support, and knowledge.:)
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