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Well- I fell in love with my Cricut, love Photoshop... I actually teach it. So, I decided to learn Illustrator and move from hobbyist to starting a Printing Company. I love efficiency- so vinyl is NOT the best way to go at all times... I really wanted to go all Sublimation but I am not getting ANYWHERE with that- and I knew I would need options- However, thanks to 2 reps at HPN, I purchased a reg LASER printer instead of a LED Laser and now printing is just a challenge--- seems I hit one speed bump after another. I am afraid to even advertise for fear of not being able to produce a product I am PROUD of... I am not giving up just a little weighed down... I love technology, being creative and comfy clothes- there HAS to be a way to combine those! :p
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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