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Hi! My name is Kelly and I just wanted to post a quick intro. I have a home based embroidery business. My business is very new so I'm learning a lot but we are growing at a crazy pace and I am seriously contemplating venturing into DTG or screen print as well. I just joined the forum after lurking for quite some time. This is my go to place for just about any question that I have relating the business. Im not sure that I'll be posting much as it seems that any question I have, someone before me has already asked! However, I'm always lurking and soaking in the plethora of info that this forum provides.

Oh, a quick "about me": I'm 30 years old, married with 5 amazing children (they make great human billboards for my work, lol!) and a huge mastiff that I share a love/hate relationship with. We live in a Houston, TX burb. I started machine embroidering about 2 years ago on a Brother home machine. As soon as word got out that I was into embroidery, the business built itself with no effort from me. I recently decided to go pro and purchased my first commercial machine. I bought an SWF 15 needle single head and was so swamped right off the bat that 10 days later my hubby ran up to Ft. Worth and bought another. I call them Lola and Roxy, my working girls! When I first started I wanted to do cutesy, fun stuff like burp cloths and bibs. Somehow, I wound up in corporate logos! I am currently spending about 14 hours a day on a 2000 piece apron order for Papa Johns Pizza and have 5 other restaurant chains in my pocket. I can't imagine what will happen when I start advertising!! I'm so blessed by this new job that seems to have fallen in my lap and so so thankful that this forum exists to save me from many potential mistakes! Thanks, Guys!
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