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Hi Guys,

I am eCommerce Developer & also completed Digital Marketing Course few month ago. My wife is also frontend designer & digital marketer and has the strong profile on Upwork.

Now Coming to the point -

Actually, I was searching for t-shirt business & finance help and got this forum. First I was planning to start a t-shirt builder site for myself. But after deep research about all kinds of expenses. I found that I can fulfill t-shirt at $15 including shipping.

And I can also provide my reseller e-commerce site with t-shirt builder option(their customers can design their own t-shirt).

Usually, I saw T-Shirt fulfillment site only pre-design t-shirt. But I can provide e-Commerce site to my reseller that will be connected to my eCommerce site. And customer of my reseller can order a personalized t-shirt.

My Current Budget is $10k & I need $20k more. Can you guys suggest which sources I can use for rising fund?

Thank You,
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