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Hello Everyone! Just a little about our company:

We would like to consider ourselves branding "gurus" who have been in the marketing industry for a combined total of 20+ years. We understand the need for 360° continuity, exposure, and perceived value in building a brand. Also being involved in the apparel business, we can appreciate and convey the need for comfortable daily wear that is of good quality, sustainable, and leaves a lasting impression for your design, brand or special event.

We are a multi-line representative for the decorated apparel and ad specialties industry. We thrive on cultivating brands, both commercial and those created by independent artists. Our process is simple - we have their designs imprinted on apparel, or various promotional and gift items, and create "buzz" with them. We also promote established lines whose values coincide with our own or that we find especially intriguing and endeavor to elevate them to a higher level.

I must admit, I have been a t-shirt forums fan for a while and wanted to become part of the family. :)

I look forward to interacting with you all....
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