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New Member - Hello!

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Total 'newb' I'm afraid; both to the forum and t-shirt printing...sorry!

I'm Roo, I like in the UK. I'm not looking for t-shirt world domination just yet, I'm just an artist who wants to design my own t-shirts (maybe sell a few here and there) without using a third party, such as CafePress or Zazzle, and their restrictions!

I've been doing some reading on here but I'll admit I'm getting a little confused. I originally looked into something like EZ Screens but couldn't find a UK supplier (mainly because I don't know what the actual term for those is...so wasn't sure what I was looking for!)

So, if anyone could advise me what I would need or point me in the directions of existing posts for beginners starting up?

Many thanks... and sorry if I'm asking for the moon on a stick! :eek:

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