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New member! Great support forums!

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Hello All,
New to the site, so far I'm amazed and happy that their is so much support for people starting t-shirt lines. I'm a highly creative person working in the highly un-creative military lol just looking to follow my dream of starting a lifestyle brand by getting off the ground with t-shirts first, any helpful advice would be highly apreciated.
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:welcome:We're glad to have you aboard!
Hey Aaron, welcome to the forums. What kind of advice are you looking for?
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OK enough!!! How many time are you going to post this message?????
OK enough!!! How many time are you going to post this message?????
Until he gets banned. Which is going to be pretty soon at this rate.
Hey kimura-mma,
I'm can't decide how to go about starting, should I simply start making shirts and selling them at fairs or somthing or get a buisness license resellers permit trademark my name and so fourth, then produce shirts.
Technically, if you are planning on operating a business you should register and get any required licenses or permits before you open for business. But you can start as a sole proprietorship and get set up fairly low cost by registering a DBA and getting a Tax ID number. Do a google search for 'starting a business in (your state)' and you should find plenty of resources to help out. Or you can contact a local accountant to walk you through the process.

Trademarking is somewhat different. It's not a requirement to operate a business. So it's all based on preference if you want to go that route. My advice is usually this... If you have enough startup funds to afford to register a trademark, then you should go ahead and do it. But if you are on a limited budget, then spend your money on production and marketing instead of legal. You can always trademark later on.

And something to keep in mind about trademarks is that your registration doesn't automatically prevent someone from stealing your mark. You need to actively and aggressively protect your mark by issuing cease and desist letters and/or suing those who infringe on you intellectual property. So unless you are actually going to sue people to protect your trademark, there's no rush to register. Once you start selling product with your mark, you gain common law trademark.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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