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New member from Texas

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Hi everyone,
I have been checking this forum out for a couple of days and decided it was time for me to stop being lazy and register.
I do race car graphics and lettering with vinyl, I am trying to also get into the t-shirt transfer biz so I can sell to the drivers, most of them can't afford to get screenprints because of the minimum quantity involved. I am using an epson c88 with durabrites and I ordered transfers from blankshirts.com (hope they work ok). After reading all the posts, I have since ordered the kitchen sink from new milford (I am holding you liable babalou ;)). Since I can't afford to buy a professional heat press yet, my husband is making me one (he is a fabricator, so this is easy for him) I will let you know how it works and post pics when he is done. Bye for now.
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Hi Jacky, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!
Ok, first it is badalou, not babalou. My 4 year grandson started calling me Bada 2 years ago and it stuck. And my first name is Lou. That said.. I think you will like the paper (iron All , I hope?) I really want to see that heat press.
I just made some racing tees for my nephew who races.. Brian Sullivan of Bloomberg TV. And they came out great. So are you using an Iron?
Ok, here it is, we printed some pics of one online and my husband built it in about 2 hours. I tried it yesterday, works good but we are going to add to it a little to make it easier to use. The actual available press area is 10"X15" and the temp is adjustable upto 400 degrees, it will also adjust upto 1" for thicker items. I think it beats an iron but it isn't as good as a commercial heat press. It cost me just about $65 to build it. So what do you think?


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Wow my heat press cost 400 bucks and i bet no one could ever pick yours from mine. Good luck

Fred in LA ca.
It works really well at pressing the transfer on, but it is a little awkward to use. Thanks for looking.
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