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New Member from San Diego!

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Hey guys, i've been trolling these boards for a while.. Finally decided to sign up...

Our clothing company is:

Millenion Ltd.

We started about 6 months ago, and have been pushing hard to see where we go.. Currently we're working on season 2 and 3 in an attempt to have a good amount of product to show at Agenda Tradeshow. If you guys have any tips, advice, or can refer me to any good screenprinters in San Diego or LA or somewhere between.. LET ME KNOW, the current screenprinters we are using are okay, but don't meet everything that we're looking for.
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Aw, so you design, and outsource the work? I use to live in San Dimas, about two hours from SD.

There's a guy in Loma Linda or Upland, can't remember, but he's on these boards alot. I'll PM you.
Hi there, Check out this company called Rhino Marketing they're located in eastlake, I use them for all my screen printing and Embroidery. They did all the screenprinting for Tatau, Nesion, Six One Nine, Fuerza, etc. www.rhinomkt.com
Your private mailbox is full. I keep getting errors when I try to post to your private mailbox.
Hey, I hear that.

I gave your website to another person on this forum. She's in California too. I'll PM you her email address, and will email your website again.

Hope she can help you,

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