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New member from Cali!!

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Hi everyone, just signed up to the forum, lots of info here. Starting a new clothing line, going to be browsing around the forum on a regular basis. Great content, keep it up!
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Welcome Torgue, where in CA do you live (Town or So. or No.)?
Clovis, Ca, outside of Fresno in the Valley.
Clovis, My aunt use to live there. I believe I have cousins from one of my uncles that live out there or close by. I use to work for a company the closed an office in Fresno. They're called Fiserv.

I do have other family members in the Fresno area. Two aunts and two uncles. Brothers and sisters, not spouses.

It most be really hot out there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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