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New Member from AZ

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Hello from the sunny state of Arizona in the United States of America! My mother in law has been doing embroidery and selling linen for years. Two years ago, I purchased my wife a Silhouette as a gift and she has loved it every since. I didn't think it would get used but she has used it so much that it's pretty much on its last leg. She has done everything from t-shirts to posters and more! Now we are looking to upgrade to a small business cutter/plotter to expand our business without having to get into screen printing. Most of the shirts that she makes for me are white vinyl on black shirts but she does a lot of others that are different colors. Thank you for reading and I hope to be able to contribute and gain from contributions here!
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Welcome to the Forum:)
Welcome to the forum. Nice to have you with us.
Welcome! I’m in AZ as well and it hasn’t been too sunny in the west valley lol I’m wearing compression gear in the early mornings lol
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