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Greetings. I am a new member. I asked a graphic artist to prepare three t-shirt designs for my non-profit ministry, named PROVEN Men Ministries. I get over 100 hits a month on this website for people looking for information, and sometimes as many as 500. To view the sample shirts go to www.ProvenMen.org/t-shirtSamples.pdf

Let me know what you think of each of them before I ask her to put in final form and then make the shirts available for sale. I am open to making changes, as I want the coolest Christian shirt that I can get.

I am thinking of printing up all three to give a choice (perhaps all would be in "ash" color though, as it seems to look best with the logo). Perhaps printing 24 of each to find out which is preferred?

Also, I am weighing putting them on my own website (and doing the fulfillment myself or hiring a fulfillment firm) OR using Printmojo.

Any words of wisdom on any or all of these topics appreciated!

Thanks! Joel

(The term PROVEN Men is trademarked and we own both the dot com and dot org websites.)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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