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New me ever from florida

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Hi, I'm Vidal, I'm pretty excited to have joined this forum since I'm assuming a lot of my questions and hesitation to start will subside once I get the answers.

A little bit about my interest in making shirt: I actually started as a graphic designer who couldn't find a print shop to work in. I was sadden to know that I had to leave my artistic ways behind me to pursue other income sources unrelated to my artistic desires. During a period of 2-3 years , I've contemplated t-shirt designing —even though it wasn't apart of my college degree. I have taken no courses in shirt pressing or screen printing equipment, so I'm pretty lost. I really want to apply my creative juices to this industry. Now, my questions are pretty much at the investment level: what should I first invest in? Which of many presses would be recommended to be purchased for a newbie like me whose had no experience with a hear press let alone, all the other eccentrics that follow it? Thanks a ton.
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While some may disagree - production is not art. Its way more science.

If you want to pursue the artistic side of the industry, don't go buy machinery. Create designs and find someone to print them for you.

Just the opinion of a guy who ran a screen printing production facility for 20 years...
I have to agree with rh. Been in the biz for 35 years and own my shop with all the machines and all of what a great graphic department are made of. I am the senior in both the art department and production floor. It has been a huge investment in both time, money and learning to change with the advances in printing over all these years. It was worth it for me and all of my people. With that said, you can do it all, but start somewhere to see what it's all about. Good luck!
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