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Finally:)! Didn't think I would ever find a place to just look at the trials and tribulations of other TShirt entrepreneurs! Looking forward to getting to meet and greet everybody.

My shop is on Cafepress and I do check out the forums there as well, but it's so nice to commiserate with those who do it on their own! Much respect and admiration for those of you who go head to head with real live customers! Love people, really, but man, they can be so hard to deal with!

My history is one of always being an artist, but found doing graphic art was easier and much more lucrative. So, I create my own concepts and designs and put it on my own stuff! I also do hire myself out as an artist of fine art from time to time, specializing in Portraiture.

Love helping out new artists with suggestions and critiques so please feel free to email me anytime if you need help!

Thanks for a great place to get together with others who love the Tees!!

Londie Benson
aka Sweetnote
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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