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Looking for any comparisons between t-shirt providers. Torn between Bella Canvas & Gildan

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Bella+Canvas makes tees that are going to be fitted, soft, and a little pricier. Like t-shirts sold in retail stores and boutiques.
Gildan makes the more economical shirt of the two. Think of any free promo shirt, or even most shirts bought at a concert... those heavy, boxy fitting shirts are Gildan. Still loved by a lot of the people out there though.
Bella canvas if it's for you to wear, Gildan if you're selling it.
Entirely different lines with not much in common.

It depends on who your target customers are and their expectations. If you are aiming for a lower price point, the Gildan will not be unexpected. If going for a higher price point, you might want to go with B&C or Next Level, or the like. You could go either way at a middle price point, depending on your customers.

If you want a better quality heavy/boxy shirt, the Hanes Beefy-T 5180 is like the Gildan 2000, but made with ringspun cotton and with a finer weave, so it feels much softer. Oh, and the Hanes black is actually black, and stays black after many washings.

I use B&C for women's tees and tanks. Next Level for men's tees and raglans and women's tees, tanks, scoops, and dolmans. Hanes 5180 for those who like a heavy, boxy style tee.
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