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Let me start off by saying that this is a new lifestyle brand started by two college students who share a common dream. To do what you love and never have to answer to anyone but yourself. This type of brand may not be for everyone, being a fellow sneakerhead and fashion junkie some people may find atleast some aspect of the brand to have a positive influence on their life.

Minsct is: pronounced "Minced"

Driven by creativity, bound by quality and represented by influence. Minsct is more than a brand, it is an ever-growing family of forward thinking individuals.

Within the name itself you can find the sources of our inspiration.

Along with making very limited edition clothing, we also run a full time blog that is updated daily with various things that inspire us, aswell as some writing from time to time. Our online store will be officially up and running before christmas, with a collaboration hoodie in the works. Any custom order inquiries please contact info[USER=170884]@Minsct[/USER].com

Check out our website at:
MINSCT – the visionary is you.

Some Photos below are a few of the items we have released thus far.

In the coming weeks will be updating our Online Shop for international sales.

Oh and one last thing. Want to see what happens behind the scenes at minsct? Check it out Behind the Scene Video

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