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Just launched my site - www.wargasm.co

Been playing with this start-up since about May 2018. I've got my first run of product ready to sell and am soon placing another order with Women's fit and additional designs + stickers. I am motivated and have a large network & niche market. Will be more than just t-shirts to myself and a lot of others.

I will be introducing other apps and pages into the site as well as a video on the home page I will make of touring the production/printing facility I use. I will also create snippets & advertising on social media to integrate into my brand across several mediums. In person sales will be in the Texas area, plus a focus on online advertising to reach all places. Starting with Google and Facebook ads soon and optimizing my SEO.

I am looking for any opinions volunteered on product designs, navigation, user friendliness, critiques, suggestions, & any other thing I overlooked or should incorporate based on your experiences using the Shopify platform!

Some comments I have gotten in the past were on the difference in look between "WG Clothing & Company" and "Wargasm". On the mismatched design - I am going with an "offensive" and "non offensive" way to refer to my company in cases where the word Wargasm wouldn't fly very well. The yellow logo is going to be on merch and reflects the style of a military uniform. The top logo I thought looks cool to use for occasions where simply typing Wargasm wouldn't work as I plan on networking with 501c3 charities and such.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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i would go with 'wg clothing and company'
get that wgclothing.com domain name right away (even if you are not sure, at least you have it)
wargasm.com is gone, and people will automatically put the 'm' on the end of your 'co'
plus if you ever go anywhere with this you will eventually have to purchase the .com, and it will be pricey,
not the $8.84 for wgclothing.com, but could be thousands of dollars

onto the site itself, i use woo so shopify may be different

- i like to have a 'quick view' option of the tee on the main/category page

- i would add your 'patriotic and provocative' box into the 'proudly printed in texas' box,
and keep it below the t-shirts

- there seems to be a huge space between the bottom of 'for the love of liberty' and the start of the next component (may be my specific browser),
tighten that up so you can see the t-shirts instead of a long scroll to find them
maybe even considering a single line combining 'veteran owned and operated' and the 'for the love of liberty' with your crest separating the two phrases

- i like the font choice for those phrases and the fading white lines, but maybe a cargo font would suit the brand better???

- when on a specific t-shirt page the color of the tee image should change when selected in the dropdown box

- the designs on the tee images seem one-dimensional, could be my eyes though

- i'd get rid of the 't-shirts view all' box on the far left of your t-shirts, you are already viewing all the t-shirts
and the vector tee's and designs don't look great compared to the t-shirt images right beside them

very nice work, and all the best
your subject matter will be an endless stream of possibilities, as there seems to be no end to their inanity

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Good points. I would like to purchase the .com in the future. There is a defunct indie band from the 80s that I am waiting on advice from an Intellectual Property Lawyer on because they have not trademarked. I think they own the url and I would use my hosting service to contact them for sale and expecting a price of a few thousand.

The Shopify theme system is a little stubborn. For example that Veteran Owned and Operated text was a headache requiring 20 different trys at correct dimensions since it's a built in non removable slideshow. I'd like something better to go there.

I will be installing a Quick View "app" or code and yes I want the color of the shirt to change, still figuring that out. There is one product image that was photoshopped differently than the others giving that flat look. I agree with the removing the vector cartoon like shirt box and all the little things you pointed out, just wanted to get the site up and going.

As for the quality of the work, I am glad to hear.
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