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Hello Everyone!

I'm trying to start my own clothing line from my home office! My focus in beginning is making graphic tee shirts and sweatshirts using my own designs.

The mission is to create comfortable, cute clothing that spreads positivity, encourages introspection, and inspires conversation!

I've recently purchased a 16x20 heat press from McLogan, and I've been trying heat press transfers using my HP Photosmart 6520 & any heat transfer paper I can get my hands on.

I know absolutely nothing at this point and have been learning through trial and error, and stalking people's posts on here. (Hah.)

I've recently discovered that it's not a good idea to try heat transferring onto polyester fabrics, and there are waaaay more factors that go into creating awesome quality t-shirts than I was originally aware of.

I'm trying to learn as much as I can as fast as I can while still not making impulsive buying decisions.

I'm interested in sublimation printing, as I do love the fact that sublimating will not change the texture/feel of soft fabrics and are supposed to last longer, but I don't know enough to feel confident purchasing a new printer/inks system/papers....

so far I only know there are different kinds of sublimation inks to be used with different fabrics + blends, and that there are different kinds of printers that can be converted from normal inket to sublimation printers, and that the paper type used is very important. :confused:
So, I don't know too much, and what I do know is very rudimentary.

I'd love to understand better. :eek:

If anyone can help me on this journey of learning and save me from learning too much from the school of hard knocks, I'd greatly appreciate your time and kindness!

Thanks all!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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