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New-ish here! Time to come out from the shadows.

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Well...apparently though I've been lurking here for a good long while (almost two years maybe? I don't even know...I only finally registered last October lol) I've noticed the board tell me I haven't made any posts yet...so here's the first one.

We are a new small upstart in Alberta, Canada. We started out obtaining a manual 6-color screen press and all the goodies to go with it, but have yet to find a nice appropriate place to set that up. In the meantime we found ourselves a too-good-to-be-true deal on a single head 15 color Tajima, so we're getting the cash flow started with embroidery! The goal is to make enough so my lady never has to go back to work, but who knows...

Anyway, that's our story. Looking forward to contributing my little tidbits here and there!


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Welcome to the forums and good luck Mike:)
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