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Hello everyone!

My names is Alyson and i recently have been making iron on t-shirts, bags and things for a few partys and events. I have actually because quite addicted to making them. I have started a notebook with all quotes and little ideas i have thought of. I do them for personal use mainly. I also am the head of the company i work for modeling group and i have designed the long sleeve t-shirt dresses for the models to wear with the logo from the company along with some designs.

I have to say at first i though it was cool and it wasnt a big thing to make my own tshirts, pillowcases and other things. After a few days i realize that my room was completely personalized to my liking and this custom transfer stuff is something i love to do. I branched out to my friends and told them about my secret hobby. They were so shocked that i made them in my own bedroom!

For Christmas last year i designed custom Dunkin Junkie tshirts for my co-workers and friends. It was a great success and i only messed up one or two out of all 12 i did. We love Dunkin Donuts and i couldnt resit using our office joke on a shirt. I started making more and more. I have to say i never knew i had such a great thing in front of me.

I was scanning the internet and was able to get these great tote bags for an amazing price. Now i have tons coming in the mail in a few weeks. I personally dont mind doing iron on transfer because of how great they come out using avery light iron on transfers. No cracks, no mess ups, no spotting or even fading. With every wash they feel better and softer. However i want to use different products maybe even get a "press" i think its called. I dont know much about transfers except for making the design and printing it out and then ironing it and peeling it off after waiting a couple of seconds. i want to learn more and i was thinking of offering a personalized custom options on Etsy.com I found this site after i found 100 sheets of Jet pro Soft stretch for only 25 bucks with great shipping too. I havent used any other products besides avery light on transfers and those are about 8 bucks for 8 sheets or something. Im all about value and deals which is why i brought so many tote bags when i was looking for baby shower favor bags for the manicure sets!! i love the deal on these sheets but im not sure if i can use them or print on them.

I guess after my long story to everyone i should let you know the reason behind telling the whole story is because i realized this is a passion of mine and everyone here from browsing through before register for the site seems to have the same passion and know so much more about it then i do.

I joined this site to express my passion and ideas to others and get great advice and opinions from people that ACTUALLY! know what they are doing unlike me, who just learned on their own and has a great knack for doing this. I want to get better and maybe like i said offer custom things to other people and when i learn more from this site i hope to be able to help other new people do the same as me.

Like i said i dont know much besides what i actually have done and used and i needed a place to start with people that knew what they are doing and i figured this is a great place to start.

So Hello Everyone!
Im Alyson and I have a great passion and love for doing my own iron on transfers :):):)
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