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InkSoft has introduced Design Invite, an exciting new feature that allows users to email customers and prospects invitations that enable them to take part in the design process. This easy-to-use tool provides a unique way of engaging customers by involving them in the creation of graphics from their own desktop using the InkSoft Design Studio, while at the same time facilitating communication and differentiating printers from the competition.

In addition to bolstering your company’s professional image by giving customers a one-of-a-kind professional experience, Design Invite boosts efficiency by enabling you to actually see what they’re looking for in terms of a graphic. Design Invite also is a versatile art management and marketing tool, making it easy to store, sort, and retrieve customer contact and graphic info, grouped in the way you need it.

Design Invite lets you quickly and easily compose an invitation to a customer that enables him or her to link to Design Studio and create a graphic. A robust management tool then makes it possible to track whether the link has been clicked and a design created and if so, to view and/or download and save it.

Filters allow invitations to be tracked by customer, status, and date. The search function makes it easy to create new customer IDs or look up existing ones. All functions feature clear displays and prompts, and navigation is easy and intuitive.

Visit InkSoft Information, News, Updates and New Features | InkSoft for a fully narrated “over the shoulder” look at how DI works and learn more about this great new addition to InkSoft online designer and business software for printers.

For more information, contact InkSoft at (800) 410-3048; email: [email protected] or visit the website at www.inksoft.com.


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