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I have an Anajet MP10i. I need new ink lines(print tubes and purge tubes). There was a period of time when Anajet was no longer selling them to the public. After being acquired by Ricoh they are selling them again. The only problem is that they cost $214 with tax in CA. Does anybody know of any place that sells these items for less than Anajet is selling them for?
The part numbers are:
-150205-001 (print tubes)
-150207-001 (purge tubes)
Any help is welcome.
Thank you

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I may need some as well. What material is the hose made of? What length is included for 100$

Thank you, I'll be changing dampers, check valves, and cleaning the heads. How much are heads? Anajet MP5i

6' 1/4'' 8-line ECO Solvent Ink Tubes, price 100.00 usd
Damper 8.00 usd each one
Cleaning solution bags 220 ml 18.00 usd each one
This offer is not include shipping, the shipping depend of the products quantity.
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