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New Independent Brand Clothing Store. Need Feedback Plz!

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So my team and I have created a new clothing store that we are hoping to launch this weekend. Most of the site is up and ready we just need to finish some things and add some stock. We have added a few demo products just to show the look and style of the cart and we know some more categories at the top need to be added as well.

I am looking for any design or content feedback you guys might have. Please be constructive on your responses. :) Also, please post any bugs you find or anything along that line so we can get all that worked out as well. Thanks in advance.

Home page

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I love it. Simple, good looking, good color scheme, Catches my attention, and is easily navigable. Great job.

See my posts for some design ideas, I have my own graphics, but these are just sample works, I think you may like them. It's basiclly a group of some shirts that I have designed.
Very nic design.. the colors are unique and memorable.. the site navigation is VERY easy.. i like the scrolling brands (wheny ou get more brands)

I went to your "sell your brand here" and it was really weird.. maybe you didnt finish that section yet?

when you click on a category, you get the list of products in that category.. on that page, there is the company logo that has the company name in it, and then the company/brand name that is just written in plain green text.. i might get rid of that plain green text
great job... site is goood lookin and u have nice tees hope u sell 500,000 in a week good luck .....
Thanks for the feedback. As far as the green links, the only problem is, say somone clicks shirts, we need that green text there because only the brands sections have the "Logo Header" so the green text is all that shows up. Its all dynamic so if we remove it for one we must do it for all. I will try and figure out a better way to display them though. Thanks for the input. Only the information is up on the "Sell Your Brand Here" link, the rest we will drop into place once we go live.

Thanks to everyone for your direction and your support. We are hoping to launch this weekend still and are still trying to get the "Grand opening" brands lines up so we can open with at least 10 or so brands. If anyone here, or anyone knows somone who would want to be a brand just drop me a line. All my contact info is in my profile.
I understand that it is "dynamic" which means that the same code pulls the text for teh categories which means that if you remove it for one, you remove it for all the categories.. But you can do some custom coding to create an IF ELSE statement.. OR just create some transparent images for ALL your categories and dont use text headings AT ALL..
great system.. design should be improved somehow and that's all I have to say consider you have 3 products in the store atm.
GL with the store :)
on the women's support our troops, the raising the flag is a great icon no doubt but is wwII I personally would see that shirt camo alone with the type as the color is kool and the message is there very simple
Very attractive and easy to navigate as others have stated, good luck with your venture!
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