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I could have sworn I already did this several weeks ago, but according to my profile it didn't take so I am making attempt #2.

I am an embroidery technician in Baltimore Maryland and I work for a great company here. I have been given an opportunity to buy into the company by bringing in a Sublimation side of the business for garment and custom gifts. We work primarily with the equestrian world, since we are both part of it, which allows us to think outside the box on some of the things we would sublimate or sew.
I have been really enjoying the discussions and the depth of knowledge here, I am a scientist by training and I love reading other people's experiences, as I am learning and going forward in business. I am looking forward to someday being able to answer some questions on here for newbies, paying it back is the only way!
Thanks in advance for all the questions you guys have already answered, and for the all the questions you will answer in the future!
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