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new in business

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Hi , I have had a good look round the site and I am a little confused.
I am in the process of setting up and would like to know whats the best clam or swing press to buy.
Also any other advise would be great, I am situated in Ireland and would like to make an extra income and maybe more, thanks all
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Hi Dave. If you are planning to do tee shirts, then you'll be looking for a press that has a minimum platen size of 15"x15". Anything smaller than that makes it difficult to centralise the shirts on it and restricts the scope of what you can do.

Swingaways versus clams is a matter of personal choice. I use swingaway presses myself, but clams will also do the job.

Most of the mainstream suppliers in the UK offer a range of products to choose from. Many of the recommendations on these forums are for stateside built presses, but many are not widely available in Europe. You also have the difference in operating voltages to consider.

Hope this helps.
There are some good threads on clamshells vs swingaways. In summary:
clamshells=lighter weight, less tiring, but the heat is in your face
swingaway=heavier, extra work swinging the heating element, but the platen is more open and the heat is out of your face
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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