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New in Business need help

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:) Dear all,

I'm new in this world, I just start planning to sell printed Shirts ;), and all I need is your help :confused: to find out what is the quite good machine to print on my t-shirts. :(

- I don't have much money, all what I have is $500. :eek:

- So please give an idea or advise me with the machine that I could start with. :rolleyes:
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With that kind of budget you're pretty much going to need to look at either a small heat press setup (which is why I moved the thread here, where you can hopefully get the most help) or outsourcing the printing to someone else until you have enough money to buy different equipment. Sorry to say $500 isn't going to go very far though.
You can get a minimal amount of supplies and a heat press for $500. However, if you are doing this as a business you can't expect much in profits.
I would agree with all of the posts. $500 will give you an inexpensive starter heat press, and a few supplies. Try to stay away from the Chinese Ebay presses even though the price may seem tempting.
thank u all,

That 500$ can go up but I don't want to start with something very expensive, so that I was thinking about 8-in-1, is this machine is good for start or no?
I would not recommend a multiple use heat press. We have tested several and have not found any that we would offer for sale. The heating elements for garments are very small and you will probably find very limited used for the other attachments.
ok, what do u recomend then, I want somthing give a good result to start my t-shirt business :(
I would suggest a 15x15. You will be able to print all graphics with a press of this size.
Are you handy with wood working tools? If so you can make your own screen printing frames. Buy a single roller frame and use it to stretch fabric and then over lay that on wooden frames to attacth the fabric to your own home made frames. Read up on exposure units, you can make your own for burning screens and use a table top set of clamp hinges to begin a screen printing setup. The handier you are with tools the more complex you can become. Later this year i'll be posting on my web site a walk through on how to start a screen print shop for next to nothing and actually do decent prints. I made my own screen printing table many years ago, made my own exposure unit, stretched my own frames even made my own squeegies from left over rubber scraps thrown away at work. If your patient, frugal and clever you can slowly build up a reasonably decent setup in a month or two without spending a lot of money.
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Ed: thank u for your reply, I will search for it, the 15*15. thank u again

David: Actually, I'm not creative that much, but if there are a lists of steps or pictures maybe I can follow them. thank u David for your reply
Ok, now I want to know which epson printer I have to buy to start 15x15 Heat Press?

And what is curing spray what is the point of this thing?
start with outsourcing your work. when you have enough profits then buy equipment.
start with outsourcing your work. when you have enough profits then buy equipment.
you can buy any printer from ebay or heat press from ebay.. you can also goto craigs list to find locaL PEOPLE WHO WANTS TO SELL THEIR HEAT PRESS MACHINE or exchange it tih what u can offer them.. try to find neighbour cities around of ur home town..
Thank you all for your advices.
I'm going to add my 2cents... though it might not be worth much :) but this is how I started with a low budget....

I purchased a 15x15 press off of Ebay for $209... here is the link to the seller... NEW 15X15 T-SHIRT HEAT PRESS MACHINE 15 X 15 BLACK HP - eBay (item 280552955132 end time Aug-26-10 16:51:26 PDT). He had a good rating & reputation, so that's why I picked this particular seller, plus he offered "free shipping" with the purchase. Mind you I just bought this press to get me started and intend on buying a bigger swing arm in the near future.

Then I scoured Ebay and scored a like new Epson C120 printer for $37.00 incl. s&h, again a decent printer just to get me started. I decided to not go all out on a printer just yet, because I want to continue to do research on them. With Epson's clogging issues and others saying Ricoh prints just aren't as sharp, I need more time pondering over this important decision.

Transfer Express is a good option if you want to have a company print your custom transfers. Just upload your artwork via their site and they'll work up a quote for you. Bang On t-shirts now has a wholesale program so you can purchase their transfers, but unfortunately their order minimum IS $500.00.

Go to TSC Apparel Collection They have no order minimums on garments and will get you setup with an account right away. They're great! They also provide free shipping on your first order when you call and place it, which is always a plus in my book. Shipping is expensive nowadays.

It may be slow go, but you can get yourself started. Just don't give up, cause it can be done. :) You shouldn't sacrifice quality, but you don't have to start off with top of the line EVERYTHING because you can always gradually upgrade your equipment once you get started and turning your profit. Good Luck!
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There are starter packages for less than $500. Most will be a 1 color 1 station press along with all the supplies you need. You can take a look at Texsource Genesis equipment, that may be something that will help you get started.
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