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[NEW!] i need some advice

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hey thanks for coming! i need some advice with plotters/ cutters. I'm planning to mainly do t-shirts and maybe expand to signs in the future. But for now i need a start up plotter for less than a grand. i was also wondering if there are any cutter/plotters out there that could cut an opaque transfer paper with a design on it that has been printed onto by an ink jet printer.
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Welcome to the forums!
This is up for debate but I think your best bet for a cutter (that is less than $1000) is a used Roland 24" cutter. These machines are widely used and are very reliable and durable.
In regards to the transfer prints, there are machines that can sort of do what you are looking for but not for anywhere near your budget. You would spend so much that looking into a DTG machine might be more beneficial.

Hope that helps a little.
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