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Hi My name is Bev,
My first love machine embroidery, but printed shirts is cheaper for most so I would like to learn more. I have done some heat transfers and designed some t's for different groups using my computer and an Epson 1200. I am trying to decied whether to get involved in screen printing or lease a t'shirt printer :confused:

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Hi Bev,

Welcome to the board. I am fairly new here also. I've owned a T-jet Direct To Garment Printer for almost a year before i sold it. It was great for doing white and light colors but when i upgraded to white that was very complicated and I couldn't afford the time and wasted supplies to figure out the system. However some people are making the T-jet work for them.

I looked around for a new machine and settled on the Brother GT-541. It was installed Thursday and yesterday I did a few test prints to see about vibrancy, speed, and quality.

Here's some items I printed from each printer during testing phase;


Brother GT-541

If you want speed and easy of use the Brother GT-541 is ideal.

If price is a factor than the t-jet is ideal.

Both do great at printing. I find that on some items I prefer the T-jet printing and on other items I prefer the brother gt-541's printing.

If you are considering these machines make sure you get your own files printed on each one.

  • Find out how long it takes to print a full size design that has full coverage (a photograph or something with solid background and covers the entire full size shirt area).
  • Does the design have to be printed twice to get vibrancy?
  • Will the machine tell you how much ink you use
  • How many shirts can you get per hour
  • Are there any additional charges "after purchase"
  • How long will "printheads last"
  • What software is required to use this equipment or can i simply print to a print driver?

these are just a few questions you could consider there are actually many more. I wish you much success in your decision.
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