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IKyoungBumI said:
I was wondering if there are any tips for someone who will be using a hand iron to begin with and later invest in a heat press. I've read and done a lot of research. so please dont give me a long lecture on how a heat press is the way to go. :rolleyes: .. I already know that... :) .. just dont think I have the funds currently. so like said, any tips for starting out with a hand iron
Just one tip: don't do it (see, doesn't need to be a long lecture :)).

More seriously though, you don't have to start that way - there are lots of other options. 1) Spend what money you do have on a run of shirts, and re-invest the profits. 2) Use a fullfillment service like CP, and re-invest the profits. 3) Sell blanks to classmates, and re-invest the profits. 4) Take pre-orders, and re-invest the profits. 5) Keep saving, and buy the press later rather than sooner. 6) Convince someone to invest in your idea (friends, family), etc. etc.

Heat presses and home irons aren't the only option - there are plenty of middlegrounds.
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