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IKyoungBumI said:
Im kind of on a budget here. so I remember reading that someone was talking about how they used a hand iron to start off. (muncheys?) ? I was wondering if there are any tips for someone who will be using a hand iron to begin with and later invest in a heat press. I've read and done a lot of research. so please dont give me a long lecture on how a heat press is the way to go.

Instead of looking at skipping the heat press and going with an Iron, you might want to check out buying a USED heat press. Call up screen printers and t-shirt shops (under those headings in yellow pages, generally) and ask around and see if you can find anyone interested in selling a heat press. You can get one 2 to 3 times cheaper than a new one ths way, but you do of course take more of a risk that it will die sooner.

If, even after our comments and complaints, you DO decide to use an iron - make sure you apply HEAVY and CONSISTENT pressure. Get above the iron and press down with both hands to ensure you are providing enough pressure. Back when I was just making an occasional t-shirt for myself, the Avery transfers worked decently. Transjet II/Magic Jet is a better paper, but I don't know how well they work with an Iron.

IKyoungBumI said:
I understand that miracool or iron all tends to flake. the thing is, I am also selling simple transfers as well. so I wouldn't want my transfer paper that Im sending to flake. does anyone know what transfer paper maybe the best to send through mail without having it flake yet with good quality for my customer?? from research I think transjet ii is the way to go for doing this. can someone verify this? :)

As far as selling the transfers themselves goes, Transjet II/Magic Jet (they are the same) is probably the way to go. MiraCool may provide a better quality press, but the learning curve is a lot higher and customers buying the transfers would not have great results.

IKyoungBumI said:
So miracool and transjet are good for white shirts... but what transfer paper is good for black shirts?
(honestly I dont know what the difference between light transfer paper is and dark transfer paper. just know that one is used for white and one is used for black.. but what I dont understand is how it makes a difference as to the outcome? if an explaination can be given on this it would be greatly appreciated. :) )

The difference is that opaque transfers (those made for darker shirts) will transfer the entire paper over - including all white excess. They are completely opaque, meaning that you can't "see through" them at all. They are generally considered to be lower quality, giving the shirt a "rubbery" feel, but some people like that.

The regular transfers are basically translucent, so they are partially "see-through". This means they adopt the color of the shirt to some extent, so they only really work on white or ash t-shirts for the most part, but they will fuse in with the shirt better than opaques do.

IKyoungBumI said:
hp pigmented? from everything I've read. everyone seems to say to go with the epson.
Well, Epson has had pigmented inks available for a lot longer AFAIK. I've seen a few good otes about the HP pigmented inks, but Epson is probably the safer route at this point simply because it's been used a lot more.
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