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Hi everyone. I am running a start-up T-Shirt business that I have had the idea for since 2006. After running a failing used car business (I was told that I am too honest...lol...go figure, a used car salesman that was too honest), I have decided to do the T-Shirt thing. I figure, not only is everything I wear basically a T Shirt but I love them as well. The original idea for my brand started in 2006 and now, with the encouragement of my daughter, I decided to bring it to life and see where it goes.

I had no idea that there were forums or even blogs about T Shirts but I am finding that out. Seems I have a lot to learn! I found this forum and am hoping this is the place where I can learn all I need to know.


EDIT- Just saw the rule for this area posted above...apparently I am allowed to mention my website here so I will. http://www.zenwearonline.com
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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