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New here looking for specific information...

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Hi there guys,
My name is Mike and I'm a prospective shirt designer looking to start my own business. I have done a ton of research prior to posting and I would appreciate any and all feedback. My basic business idea relies on selling the art (design) of the shirt. Obviously quality comes in, but I'm leery about taking on the costs of becoming the manufacturer as well. I would love some insight of different experiences between manufacturing and selling or simply designing and selling. (someone else prints the garment.) Also if there are good print services that would do the latter please point me in their direction. Sorry if I broke any rules here. Hopefully my website will be up soon.
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Welcome to the forum Mike. All the questions you asked have been answered many times here. Use the search tool and you will find lots of very good answers.
I've been on the forum now for about 2 weeks, mostly clicking around and I've answered a lot of questions thus far, but aside the preferred vendors list on the left I've not found a thread for listing services or anything like that. I'll keep searching but mainly I'm looking for the service to see what it would cost to print my designs. Thanks for the reply, I'm continuing to search and learn more and more. Thanks again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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