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New here looking for help on t shirt business

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I am a designer looking for help on the online t shirt business...
Hope to get it here..
Theres loads of resources...


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Hi, I am wanting to start selling t-shirts with custom text on them....does anyone know where I can find a quality wholesale blank apparel company that prints as well?
We get them thru a local wholesaler here @ the flea market.. I'll keep you posted when I find where there coming from.
I tend to buy my blank product from any of a number of wholesale garment companies and contract with a local printer for the embellishment. Just hit the phones and inquire of local contract printers. Know your market and what your needs might be (required turnaround, single prints or short runs versus large quantity runs). You also want to know your graphics needs. Potentially, will you be doing simple spot prints or full-color designs?

GARCON Creative Services
Garcon Creative
Welcome to the forum
I believe all your questions will be gone after reading the forum.

Welcome to the forum!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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