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New here but have experience

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hello every after numerous google searches I found this site and figure I would learn here and be able to ask question, but at the same time be able to help out if I could. I'm actually designing t-shirts right now all vector styles in illustrator and trying to figure many styles I can work with and learn to design as well as cut time. So I'm hoping as much as learn here I will be able to help out as well. Thanks.
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Welcome to the forum. I use coreldraw, but I'm not a graphic designer. I just wing it and hope I can figure out how to do what someone is requesting me to do! Luckily I don't get too many requests.
thanks I'm not a graphic designer either lol, I'm actually a artist illustrator but have knowledge in graphic design because of my graffiti background. I usually get good tutorials from gomediazine.com hope that can help useful to you I know if has for me.
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