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New Here Because I'm Expanding My Product Line

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I've recently begun making several different boutique items for a friend of mine who just opened a children's boutique (she is also the very successful owner of a children's consignment shop for the past 10 years). I guess I luck out because I make the items while she supplies the store and physical business. Essentially she consigns my items in her boutique. I have been successful in pillowcase dresses, crochet tutu dresses, tutus, hair clips, and various other cheap and easy to create items. We've heard a lot of discussion on rhinestone embellished clothing so I guess this was just the next step in products that I make. I guess it's an easy leap because I work from home as an Internet Sales and Marketing Director and my husband is military, so the majority of my paycheck is free to be randomly spent on "whatever". I joined this site for possible recommendations on suppliers / vendors of children's clothing blanks and rhinestone transfers as well as possibly other heat press transfers.
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You may want to read this. Because of this well intentioned but overbearing law, many people have quit producing kids' clothes:


There have been addendums to the law to make it easier for small companies to be compliant, so you may want to read the first few and last few pages of that thread before going through the whole thing.
Yes, I am fully up to date with all the CPSIA's shennanigans. Several members of my family have to stay informed because they run businesses that fall into the testing requirements. I am compliant and documented.
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