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I feel like such and underdog compared to all of you that have been posting in here. I have a small home based business here in Ohio. I've been doing motorcycle painting/art, banners, T's and simple embroidery. I don't advertise, I just go by word of mouth. I have 4 kids with the youngest at 2 so I will have to stay small until the youngest is ready for school... or I get a better plan, whichever comes first!
As most of you know it's hard to keep up with the competition in the T world. I am a great designer though and have fantastic people skills. My problem is my lack of knowledge in the industry and my lack of hearing...I am hard of hearing so phone work is out :(. I make great T's by order but my designs are limited because I only own a Roland PC color camm pro. I don't nessesarily like the square that comes with printing graphics onto papers...I like the silk screen type or the T-Jet type. Silk screening is out for me because of my limited space. The T-Jet is very appealing. I see many others have been talking about it and I am so grateful to the forum on that subject! Of course I want the easy way out of making great T's but who doesn't? I also want the best but less costly way of doing that too!
I tried getting a small website up for T's and other types of graphics (auto) but I had a bad experience with paying a person to create a website (template)for me that didn't deliver... ho hum!
My passion is just to create great designs... I admit it! I don't want to actually make the T's but just design them..is that bad? LOL! ~ There is something about getting the job done and to the customer that I really enjoy though.
I know many of you say you are just getting started but you seem way ahead of me! Everyone's advice is welcome here! I appreciate everyone's view's. Lay it on, I need it!
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