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I am getting close to pulling the trigger on a heat press. I primarily want to start for fun and do shirts for myself, friends and some of the clubs I belong to. There is probably enough potential shirt making over the next couple of years to pay for the equipment and keep me flush with new shirts with witty sayings, but that's about all I'm looking to get out of it.

I am 90% sure that I will be getting a Phoenix Phire 16x16. Yes I know it's probably overkill for my needs and pricey to boot, but that auto-open feature is going to save me time and let me multitask. All the more important considering how proportionately little of my time I'll be spending doing this. I won't even mention how many t-shirts it will save! :)

Ok, so on to the questions...

1. From appearances and the few posts I've found about it, it seems like a solid machine. I know it's relatively new, so there's bound to be problems. Anybody have any? Any quirks I should know about? Any glaring design flaws?

2. What else should I get with it? I will be buying a vinyl cutter soon but will probably be doing plastinol transfers for the majority of my printing. Do I need a teflon sheet? Two? How long do these last? What else should I get?
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