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raffuj said:
I am 90% sure that I will be getting a Phoenix Phire 16x16. Yes I know it's probably overkill for my needs and pricey to boot, but that auto-open feature is going to save me time and let me multitask. All the more important considering how proportionately little of my time I'll be spending doing this. I won't even mention how many t-shirts it will save! :)
I've owned a Phoenix Phire 16x20 for about 2 months, and thus far it's been a great machine. You may want to look @ the 16x20, as the footprint (amount of space it takes up) is nearly the same as the 16x16. However, it is a few more bucks.

1. From appearances and the few posts I've found about it, it seems like a solid machine. I know it's relatively new, so there's bound to be problems. Anybody have any? Any quirks I should know about? Any glaring design flaws?
Thus far I'm very happy with my PP. I really like the auto-release feature, and it sure feels like a quality piece of equipment. Again, it's only been a few months, but so far, I've very pleased.

2. What else should I get with it? I will be buying a vinyl cutter soon but will probably be doing plastinol transfers for the majority of my printing. Do I need a teflon sheet? Two? How long do these last? What else should I get?
I would get a couple sheets of teflon, and perhaps some craft paper with your heat press.

Good luck!
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