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new guy with questions

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Hi, I am a professional firefighter, thinking about starting a tshirt/apparel company on the side. I have some design ideas that incorporate the state seals. Does anybody know if you can just use a state seal or do you have to get some sort of permission. Thanks in adavnce for the help
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I am not sure, but I think government seals and symbols are fair game. Since supposedly we are the government, and supposedly we own everything the government owns, including images and symbols. We can do just about whatever we want with the US flag, image of Uncle Sam, state flags, the Bald Eagle symbol and lots of other symbols. I think it is likely okay.
thats what i figured, I pay the tax to create the symbols i might as well be able to use it. Ill post my designs when i finish them. This is gonna be fun
I am not a lawyer, so my comments don't mean much, and don't take the first comment that agrees with what you want to do and think it must be okay. I think it is okay for the reasons I stated, but you might try and find a state agency to check with as well.
lol, yeah i was just checking. Thought maybe somewhere along the line somebody has a little experience with that stuff. I have a couple emails to state departments to check on it
By the way Brad,
Thank you and your family for your service. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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