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New guy, just starting out

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Finally getting started with my first business!!

Our market is for kids sports team, found there was a real need in quite a few different areas, helps that my wife is a team mom.

First mistake was that I bought a full up 4 color, 2 station Ryonet Silver Press. It is a great product, just a lot more that I need.

Found out that I can do everything with a computer, printer, and heat press. Soooo much simpler. I'll chalk the press up to future markets.

Just wanted to say HI and that this forum is filled with so much great information.
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If the kids are 12 or under make sure your products are in compliance with that new federal law.

Ryonet has a number system that you might look into to go with that screen press. You can't do it all with a heat press and printer. You might consider getting a cutter/plotter for vinyl. You can order numbers and letters from transfer express too. The type and color of the fabric will determine what kind of print method will work and what kinds won't. Some types won't stick to the fabric.

Thanks for the info, I always say experience is golden.

My plan is to do the front of the shirts screenprinted (2 color team logo and name). Orders should be about 25 shirts per team.

The back I will order numbers, probably from Transfer Express, to have on hand. If they also want, I will do custom names which I will order plastisol transfers from tranfer express as well.

Thanks again.
Now BigPappy, that's cheating! Now that you have the press you're supposed to watch the videos and get those screens covered in emulsion, fire up the computer and print out your transparency, burn those screens and get down and dirty with your press! It won't take long to realize you'll save a lot of money making them yourself. Yes it is even possible for you to make your own number transfers with your press, though it would be easier if you bought a numbering system. Or just get them already made and press them on.

Best of luck to you. The important thing is that you have fun doing it.
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Actually did my first screen last night!! It said " This is my first tshirt!" Didn't look like it came out to good though, can barely see the lettering in the screen, I am hoping it is just my eyes and not that I didn't have the transparency close enough when hitting it with the light.

Thanks for the push, sometimes you just need to stop planning and do it. This is not my main income, just a little something that I wanted to try, so it will definitely be fun.

Thanks again.
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