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Hi all!

What a great site!! I stumbled upon it while checking out some t-shirt related stuff and have been reading for a few days straight.

I did some T-shirt designs related to my niche and slapped them up on Zazzle a year and a half ago. Nothing spectacular sales-wise, since to make any real profit you have to mark them up too much and I wasn't terribly happy them not being silk screened. Well, after a recent move to Mass I decided to focus more effort on the shirt business and am either looking at PrintMoJo or contracting shirts out and handling the website, shipping etc myself. Still researching that aspect, frankly. Not afraid of handling the "dirty work" myself, but space is tight and I figure I can always bring it all "in house" in the future.

My plan is to produce a line of niche-related shirts and sell them directly through my website and occasional conventions related to the field/niche.

Thought it was time to ask a few questions and generally join in the conversation!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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