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New guy, huge fan, and needs help :p

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Finally decided to make an account here, have been using these forums to answer most stuff i was curious about for quite sometime now. My grandpa runs a print shop, est. 1968. That field of work has slowed down to say the least so were starting up a tshirt business finally, purchased a workforce 1100, heatpress, inks, and a couple sample packs last week.

I've got a few questions, I kept seeing people say 1100 was industry standard so i jumped on it assuming it had a type of self weeding paper (left me hand cutting my first shirts over the weekend)

Should i get a cheap cutter (300$ is best i can do for now, would it be worth my time until ive got solid work)

Purchase a Graphtec GX3000? I know somone with one for sale or would trade for tools. Which Ive got stuff i know hes interested in. (no clue if its a good cutter, or price it goes for new.)

Or, buy a decent laser printer and use the imageclip papers since it can be done with lights and darks i believe. Would do this until i dug my self out of the starting hole :p then purchase one of the 24inch cutters you see in most shops (would the quality be usable for commercial use to last me until i purchase a cutter?)

if i shouldnt be asking here then someone pm me with your opinion on what you'd do in my situation and why. Thanks!
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