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hello all

I have been doing my own t-shirt using a heat press and I just started using silvermountiangraphics.com for there transfers but I would like to eliminate that whole extra step and cost if I could do the screen printing myself, plus if I’m going to spend time using the heat press anyways, the TIME and shipping would hopefully be gone.

So here are my questions

1: can someone show me how the whole thing is done, start to finish, take me under your wing and show me the ropes. I am located in Los Angeles CA and wouldn’t mind driving out to you(200 miles. One day or so) if you are willing to show me how it all is done.

I have read and seen pictures about screen printing but that’s not the same. Being able to see how it is all done would give me a good idea if screen printing is what I would rather do vs. heat transfer

2: what would be the needed supplies to get started? I am looking at spending about $2-3000 US to get my first job done. I have an in-house graphic designer who would need a little help with the whole process of separation and burning the images on to the screen but that shouldn’t be a problem.

3: last I am looking at doing multi-color prints and would like something like a 6 color unit that would allow me to do that so I would love to know where, what type, and all that good stuff

well hope someone out there can help with any part of my long post.




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Hi Brian, there are a few posts in this forum that discuss which machines to buy when you're just starting out.

As far as looking for a "mentor", you may want to try posting the question at the screenprinters.net forums as they currently have a larger network of screen printers to interact with http://www.screenprinters.net/

Here are some videos that might also help :)
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