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New GC721 cutter support

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I was setting up the new Gold Cut GC721 cutter from UScutter, and not only could I not get the driver working, but the cutter was making an awful noise.

Needless to say, I was quickly concerned.

I called UScutter and spoke to Tom.

We quickly resolved the noise problem. Apparently the first time I turned it on, the mechanism that holds the blade...one of the rollers popped off the track. Once I fixed that, it tested out perfectly, and now it purrs.

But also, Tom fixed me up on the USB driver issue and we ran the Signblazer software to test the Cutter.

Just a note, after my initial concern, Tom was 100% A+++ superb in helping me out with my new cutter!

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Hi please can you help me as i have the same cutter but cant find it listed in signblazer.
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