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New from NY looking for info on heavyweight T's

Hello ...

My first time here... and not even sure how I found this place... I had a question, searched it in Google.. and here I am ..

I am not a seller.... The reason I am here is to locate a T that I bought a few years ago, but cannot seem to locate. I don't even know if the company makes it anymore. :confused: - - The reason that I think that they might not, is that I bought the shirts in "BJ's", a wholesale distributor. But being that the shirts were marked "irregulars", I was hoping that I might be able to locate them somewhere..... even if someone was selling them privately.

It was a BVD heavyweight T (at least 7 oz - The reason that I know it's at least 7oz, is that I had taken one in to be printed on, and the retailer said that it was VERY heavy, much more than the 6.1 that he had there.) . They made it in several colors: white, black, 2 greens, 3 differnt blues, 2 greys, maroon, red, i think purple, and maybe more. I had bought several, and after seeing how great they washed, I wanted more.
Also, they are technically Men's sizes, but are not real long like men's shirts usually are. They tended to be more boxy than thin and long... so women and men of any size could wear them too. And they went up to I think 3 or 4XL.

If anyone could point me in the right direction.. it would be greatly appreciated. Just a note... I also tried to go to the forum called "Need Help Finding a T-shirt", but it appears that the forum is not working. I will keep trying...

Nancy :)

PS: Even if you cannot help me with the above, but know of a T that would match my description, please point me in that direction as well ...
thanks again..
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